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The second Annual Fly Fishing Festival was bigger and better than last year, a complete success. We were proud of all the volunteers, sponsors, vendors and attendees that supported our effort. We doubled our attendance, had more vendors, and with the addition of Sunriver Brewing Company, Hook Fly Shop, and Sunriver Resort as Diamond Sponsors, raised more money for local fishing projects. Mark your calendars for September 20/21, 2014, show hours Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 10 am- 2. We hope those of you that didn't make it this year will stop by next September. For updates on next years show you can visit our Festival web site The Fly Fishing Festival @ Sunriver or follow updates on Facebook: The Fly Fishing Festival. Remember "Come for the festival, stay for the fishing and fun".


The Hook Fly Shop/ Cascade Guides & Outfitters has now gone through our first summer in the newly remodeled Village. What a difference the new look makes. Lots more traffic as the Village is now a first class facility with more and more shops opening every month. With the completion of building 6 and the clock tower, we are now located front and center of the Village main entry walkway. We have plans in the works to expand several of our most popular lines and add new products to meet the desires of our client base.

With the Fall upon us our guiding will concentrate on the best available waters utilizing the Crooked & Fall rivers and fishing the lakes as long as they are accessable. Stripers and Steelhead seasons begin in October and we are accepting bookings now. Steelhead season always fills up early, so if your interest in please call as soon as possible to get our schedule.

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As many of you know, we here at Cascade Guides love to explore the world with fly rod in hand. Our staff has found hidden gems in Bahamas, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovenia, Chile, Canada, Alaska, Germany, Croatia, and who knows where. These gems won't be found on the internet or from the many large fly fishing travel agents. They have been found through exploring, going, and doing. For those that enjoy new adventures we have the experience to provide all the information about these wonderful countries and the fishing opportunities. We've been there done that. All our trips and very reasonable,with local guides, three star accomodations, and a true emersion in the native land and culture.

Currently on the books are two hosted trips - Bahamas for bone fish in April, and Slovenia for Marble Trout and Adriatic Grayling in September. In addition our good friend at Wild River Chile is offering our clients a special rate during the King Salmon season in January/February 2014. Call the shop for more details or visit our Travel Plans page. Travel Plans

The WD-40 has become one of the most effective emerger patterns for various mayflies. Simple to tie with lots of variations, it's a must have fly especially during the snowy winter hatches of Blue Wing Olives on the Crooked River. Variations include adding a bead head, using sparkle dubbing, brown/black/gray/ rust body colors. The WD stands for Wood Duck in the original pattern, however Mallard or Coq de Leon fibers are also used.

HOOK: Standard emerger size 16-20
THREAD: Light Olive
BODY: Thread
TAIL: Dyed Mallard Flank
THORAX: Olive dry fly dubbing
WING CASE: Mallard Flank
1. Crush barb
2. Tie in thread and wrap back to hook bend
3. Tie in Mallard flank about 3/4 shank in length
4. Wrap thread forward tying down the Mallard flank as you go to just behind the eye.
5. Wrap thread back 1/4 shank length again tying down Mallard.
6. Dub the thorax making a small tight ball.
7. Pull the Mallard over the thorax, making a wing case and tie off and clip
8. Apply head cement, you may also apply cement to the wing case and thread body.

This is a must have fly for any trout waters. You should carry a large selection in various sizes and styles. I know tying down to 20's can be a challenge, we have these sizes available at the shop if the old eyes and fingers can't quite do the job.

The Hook Fly Shop/ Cascade Guides & Outfitters Fall/Winter hours begin Labor day - Monday-Saturday 9 am-6 pm, Sunday 9 am- 4pm, we'll be here to answer your questions, place orders, book trips, or just talk fishing. The tie'n N lie'n sessions will be on Wednesday evenings begining in December, always a fun gathering to tell your latest stories and tie up some flies. Call shop in December to get exact start date and time, then come joins us for the fun hang'n out.

TIPS FROM THE GUIDES --Fall lake fishing techniques
Fall is upon us and things are changing. Days getting shorter, temperature dropping, water levels falling, and the fish are moving. From the late spring until early fall the food sources for fish have been mainly dependent on the many hatches of aquatic insects.  The massive midge hatches, damsel flies, dragon flies, mayflies and caddis have dominated our fly boxes.  Now that many of these hatches are over, we need to look for the less obvious sources of protein.

Several foods come to mind when we think fall.  The ever present leeches and bait fish are year around favorites that now provide opportunities.  The dragon fly nymph has a longer life cycles that other aquatic insects and can be a dominate food source.  Water Boatmen and scuds can also be effective in the fall.

As the water levels drop in late summer, the fish will be seeking safer havens of cooler water in the various river channels.  Look for water tempeture in the 50 deegree range where the fish will be active.  The channels also provide cover and safety for the fish that had been provided earlier in the season by ridges, timber, and other structure that are now high and dry.  Knowing the lake bottom structure and river channels can guide you to more productive fishing.  In early fall fish will move onto the flats if late hatches are occurring, however because water temperature may be uncomfortably warm, their stay on the flats will be limited.

When fishing the streamer type patterns, leaches, bait fish, etc. you should be using sinking lines in the 250 grain range. Since fast stripping might be necessary to get the fish in the attack mode, tippet need not be light. 1X-3X will work fine to insure the chasing and attacking fish don't cause unnessary break offs.

Following are some items we added for 2013 that are available year long. Remember we ship anywhere in the USA, and no sales tax in Oregon.


BVK reels are precision machined from bar stock aluminum. The anodized frames and spools are ported to eliminate excess weight and come in gold, green or silver. Equally at home in both fresh and salt waters the super large arbor design provides faster line pick up and helps the maintenance free drag system work at a more constant pressure that standard arbor reels. Delrin/Stainless stacked discs make the drag silky smooth.
The Natilus FWX are almost a half ounce lighter than other models, due to their new spool design, making them the lightest machined aluminum disc drag fly reels in the market. The FWX has a Giga arbor design that promotes faster line pick up and backing drying.
Vossler reels made in Germany - straightforward in design, best and most reasoned technology, perfect workmanship and reliable functioning. You will always get a fair product at a fair price!

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK line-up ranges from 8 foot, 3 weight up to 9 foot 12 weight rods. The price point makes these rods affordable to everyone as a primary rod or as back-ups.

Aquaz waders provide a reasonable priced all around wader. Their Dryzip wader is comfortable and offers full easy access with a waterproof YKK zipper. Aquaz first developed a waterproof zipper for waders seven years ago. Dryzip features two front chest pockets with waterproof YKK zippers.

Patagonia waders are known for their durability. The tough, H2No Performance Standard, 4-layer, 5-oz polyester fabric with a waterproof/breathable barrier and Deluge DWR (durable water repellent) finish rolls up tight for travel and keeps you dry when you fish. Fully adjustable suspenders and anatomically designed left and right neoprene booties ensure a comfortable fit for long days in the water.

Aquaz Keani boots have Vibram soles to meet regulations in states that have outlawed felt sole wading boots. These comfortable boots provide secure wading. A set of STL studs is provided for additional traction while wading.

Patagonia Rock Grip boots puts the bite on greasy boulders and slime-covered cobbles without chewing up boat floors. Instead of the hard-and-sharp traction principle of carbide studs, our new Rock Grip Aluminum Bar Wading Boots' softer aluminum bars cut through slime yet conform to rock surfaces for superior grip.

The Hook carries a line of Umpqua packs and bags. Designed for every fisherman's personal desires for all situations. These packs and bags come in a range of styles from waist & chest packs, to back packs, duffle and boat bags.

We have a selection of lines specific for fishing situations that we have choosen from the finest manufacturers in the industy. From Rio, Courtland, and Teeny we can assist you in finding the perfect line for your needs.

Patagonia clothing in their latest styles for both resort casual and technical fishing wear. We have personally selected the best from both clothing lines to provide our clients a wide range of price points and styles.

For you or a friend, full selection of fishing related home decor items.

Wolf Moon uses carefully selected materials. Good ergonomic design. Fine craftsmanship made in the USA. That's all you want.

Our extensive fly tying materials and equipment are selected from some of the finest names in the industry.

From Fishermans Eyeware, Suncloud, and Smith Optics, a large selection of sunglasses for men, women and childern for all conditions, cloudy day on the stream, evening on a lake, or bright sunny day in Sunriver.

is always looking for the best products to offer our clients. This year we introduced TFO rods & reels, Aquaz and Patagonia wadders, Keni boots, Patagonia clothing, Rio and Teeny fly lines, Umpqua packs, Wolf Moon nets and Novak flies. We personally select each and every style and line from each manufactuer to insure our guest have a full range of options and highest quality. This winter we will continue our research looking for the products that meet your needs.

We have been in business for over 30 years serving Sunriver, Central Oregon and mail orders throughout the USA. When in Sunriver look for our sign along retail row in the Village. Need to do some shopping for a birthday, holiday, or a special gift for yourself ? We can deliver to your doorstep within days, shipping is always free in Continental USA and no sales tax in Oregon.

We will be posting some end of the year specials, so visit our Shop Specials

With our on line booking engine remember you can book a trip 24/7. If you make a last minute decision to come to Sunriver, or you are here and decide to go fishing the next day, just go to our web site, look for the BOOK NOW button. It's quick and easy to book a trip, see which guides are available, and go for it ! Our calendar goes out 12 months making it easy to set up a guided fishing trip well in advance if you already know your schedule.
We invite you to give it a try next time you're ready to fish. Make an Online Appointment

Thanks to all for supporting us over the years and hope to see you soon in Sunriver - FRED

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